Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

My apartment has been undergoing a change. In 2017 I had my kitchen done over (See kitchen make-over here  It was quite a big project.  The designer was Keita Turner (  This has morphed into an ongoing project and much needed surgery for this apartment.  

Although Keita and I both took photos via cell phones and point and shoots, she needed professional photos.  Keita created a block buster team and below is a short clips of the day.

Keita also wore for a silk patchwork tunic (see more dresses here

Photographer: Kelly Marshall

Photographer Assistant: Jamie Ellington

Interior Designer: Keita Turner

Stylist: Helen Quinn

Stylist Assistant: Nina Katan

Make-up Artist: Keanda NYC Mua Hand made

Glass plates: Multi Media artist: Laura Gadson 

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