Death of a Retail Giant, Lord and Taylor

When I took my annual Christmas Walk, Lord and Taylor was a main stop on the journey.  Their windows usually focused on Old New York, and the attention to detail in this miniature animated format was so exciting to see.  Some years the windows would have a fantasy, with squirrels and gingerbread dancing.  What ever it was I was happy to see the tradition.

I knew the store was closing, half hoped it was a terrible rumor, but last year was their last Christmas Window.  I had heard so much about the sale of the store display, I went in to see for myself.......Wow it really is over!

Scroll all the way down for the videos.

Definitely an opportunity for some Art House Photos.




I did nab a bit of history for myself and had to fight the stock guy for it.  So wha ha happened, I saw this lone precious piece all alone on the first floor.  I asked the sales lady about it and she said go to the 10th floor.  Which I did, but there weren't any more of these around.  I asked a guy at the counter taking sales, about the miniature mannequin.  He said they had plenty the other day, but they all sold.  He wasn't sure about the first floor stuff, but we concluded that if I bring it up from downstairs I can buy it.

So I went back downstairs, spoke to a different sales lady and she handed it to me (it was behind the counter) and said All The Best!  When I got back to the 10th floor, the same man at the counter, but a lady with a rack receipt, buying more racks, another woman with a list and a man checking prices.  As he looked up he saw me with the mannequin and everything stopped, "MAME THAT IS NOT FOR SALE!" and promptly took it out of my hand.....the guy behind the counter just put his hand over his face, because he would have just sold it to me, but my timing was off, I was there when the guy who was checking his list twice and thrice.  I then entered into a verbal disagreement that this item was for sale.....blah blah the end, he said yes you can buy it for $20 with tax (but I bet I could have gotten it for less if he wasn't there).  We both said thank you.

As I was leaving, I saw him again and he said he was so sorry about the confusion and I told him, it was alright, but when he said I couldn't have it, THEN I WANTED IT! We both laughed and wished each other a Merry.

From Wikipedia:

English-born Samuel Lord started a dry goods business in New York in 1824, and opened the original store that would become Lord & Taylor in 1826, on Catherine Street. George Washington Taylor, joined in 1834, and the store was named Lord & Taylor. The Starrett & van Vleck-designed Fifth Avenue store and headquarters opened between 38th and 39th streets on February 24, 1914. The Broadway store was quickly sold, on March 26.The Fifth Avenue store became a New York City Landmark on October 30, 2007.

Lord and Taylor began their windows in the mid 1930's. Read here about the history of Christmas Windows in NYC:

Last years Christmas Walk

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