He Bought the Beach: Butler Beach

In the early 1900’s, a young black man named Frank B. Butler moved to St. Augustine. Upon arriving, he settled in the predominantly African-American area known as Lincolnville – now one of the city’s historic districts. At that time, Florida’s beaches were for the use of “whites only.”

In 1927, Butler became so annoyed by this injustice that he began purchasing oceanfront property on Anastasia Island. from St. Augustine Ponte Verdra Florida's Historic Coast, https://www.floridashistoriccoast.com...

Read more about Butler Beach and historic St. Augustine https://bit.ly/3lOtwfA https://bit.ly/3XDCvgZ https://bit.ly/3lOeJlm https://www.lincolnvillemuseum.org/ https://penapeckhouse.com/

The Cab Driver to the airport, shared with us that he looooves to fish and gave us a fish recipe to leave with, Taxi Cab Chef 

More about why I was in Florida https://bit.ly/3xyMBVO

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