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Cooking In My Kitchen| Black Eyed Peas

Under Quarantine decided to cook...OK I cook everyday, but here is a prime opportunity to make a video. I got this recipe from the website Immaculate Bites Afro-Caribbean Recipes made easy: I didn't follow the recipe exactly, but I still get the same results. Here is the recipe: Ingredients (I did make changes because of what was in the fridge)   1 pound (453grams) black eyed peas 4 -5 thick bacon slices , chopped (did not have, I used salt pork which meant I did not have to add any salt) 1 cup smoked sausage or turkey , diced (did not have, store was all out each time I went shopping) 1 large onion  diced 1 stalk celery  diced...

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Making Black Beans

I got this crock pot as a Christmas Gift about 15+ years ago. It only goes on to high or low heat, but it does do the job of making beans. One day I will get one of those Insta Pots, for now my Crock Pot is fine. I didn't measure the spices, it was more like eyeballing. The salt was about 1/2 teaspoon, because you can taste at the near end and correct it, but when you add too much salt it's just salty. The olives and the bacon have salt in it so just wait and taste.Cilantro, not everyone likes it so leave it out and use something else you do like. I also should have chopped the...

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Accessory Designer Sherri Hobson Cooking and Talking

My good friend Sherri comes by and makes a one pot meal, vegetables and salmon.  She also talks about her creative journey, Paris, and food. Her headpieces are sculptural works of art and she is still on a creative journey. Follow her on Instagram @legacy_beauloni Above photo Loni, Sherri's daughter  

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