This year I decided to participate in VEDA...and actually it's SSSVEDA.  Which is an acronym for Savvy Sexy Social, Vlog Everyday in April...Well, I thought it was Video Every Day in April.  Undaunted I set out to participate and support my fellow You Tubers.

Now what I heard about this VEDA is that it can be stressful.  Well for me it is, but not the video making stuff, it's the watching of all the videos that I want to keep up with.  I can't seem to get to all of them and also work, clean house, be I do the best I can.

SSSVEDA was started by....I don't know who, but Amy Ladino has a calender, sign up sheet, and steps to Vlogging better...Good idea, but I am not ready yet.  What I like about it is that you can look at the list and find new and interesting people to follow and support.  See more here:

Making a video everyday I found to be....well my creative out let.  It is an opportunity to get better at telling stories or not to have a story but visuals and sound that strike interest.  This is a new journey and it is exciting to explore.

VEDA began the April 1, which was also Easter Sunday.  However my first video was a Subway Musician and this Jazz Flute was outstanding!

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