When Elaine called me and said her granddaughter was getting married I was so excited.  I met Jackie years ago when she was about 2 years old in a stroller, a day out with her Grandmother....She is just as lovely years later.

I snapped this photo the day of pick up and how perfect that the TV character was looking right at her....couldn't get more perfect!

The BIG day

Funny, a reoccurring theme, check the guy out by Jackie's head. Just like the TV, caught is a gaze of the beautiful bridal party.

The Dress was a beautiful silk satin off the shoulder.  The challenge was that low low back and I got it right.  When she text me these photos..."I got so many compliments!".  She made a beautiful bride, now the couple is onto the next.....opening a restaurant!

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  • r. smith

    The end result… a masterpiece by a master craftsperson and artist. The Cassandy touch is evident!

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