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Melissa's Long Distance Wedding Dress

When she first contacted me via Facebook Messenger in May 2020.  Hi! Are you making gowns right now? Yes I am still making gowns, but only custom design. The wedding was February 2021.....we had time.....and then the Pandemic never slowed down, travel restrictions, it just went on and on.  So this is what we did. Good evening! I hope all is well. I’m following up and reaching out because I’m in Florida and I know no one wants us traveling to them anymore lol. July 2, 2020 7/2/20, 8:58 PM You sent July 2, 2020 I know there has been some state to state restrictions...We won't be deterred by that.  I will send  some sketches and we can zoom a...

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Ashley Got Married

I have known this family for years and even made Ashley's Prom Dress (got those photos somewhere, in an older blog)....So when she announced I she chose me to make her Wedding dress, she did so in Social Network style, by posting a red jacket that I made her Grandmother Lois.  I was so honored especially since, this young lady is such a fashionista.  I was also to make Dawn (the brides Mother) and Lois (the Grandmother), dresses as well. The making of Ashley's Dress and then that beautiful day in August, photos by The Art Hype. Beaded Bridal Pillow Dawn (Mother of the Bride) with a linen dress with lace and beading. She said people kept trying to touch...

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Custom design is not for everyone.  First of all it is expensive, can be intense, there are many custom design horror stories, more than average amount of fittings, but in the end you can get something so special, because the the nuances that are added into the design. Monique came to me through a family friend, who has known me for years.  She had all the confidence, but her friends were not as encouraging....they had more than a few doubts. She had to face their suspicions and misgivings, but she knew better.  In the end she got her magical custom design strapless lace dress. What a beautiful day Headpiece by Legacy Beauloni    

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