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Vintage Vogue Pattern Re-dux

I had been wanting to get into remaking some of my vintage patterns. This coat pattern has been floating around and finally I decided to do it. The pattern was tattered old and disintegrating even as I unfolded the instructions. So I copied the pattern onto pattern paper, made some changes to the pattern and made the coat. The fabric is an embroidered floral fabric, patchworked with coordination silk satin and other embroidered fabrics. Also embellished with silk flowers and beads. The coat is fully lined. One of a kind coat can be purchased here

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Beading of a Judges Collar

I was commissioned to create a Judges collar, similar to what Judge Ginsburg wore over her robes. I used purple silk satin and beaded the collar with fresh water pearls, glass beads, and some crystals and rhinestones. I am using Tulip Beading Needles, which have a larger eye for threading. The size 11. The thread is Silamide Bead Thread Size A. The pearls I had in my supplies. The thread and beads from Bead Stuff, I purchased the beads from Toho Shoji,

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