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THE GIANTS Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum

Spent the day with my First Cousins at the Brooklyn Museum.  The exhibit was the Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz incredible Art Collection. Brooklyn Museum Giants Feb 10th - July 7, 2024 Our conversations reminded us how we stand on the shoulders of Giants. Keith is a big fan of Motorcycles so when he saw this he had to have a photo.  Even said he had a cycle kind of like the red one.  

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Africa Fashion at the Brooklyn Museum

  Africa Fashion at the Brooklyn Museum, was a treat. The exhibit is small, but features many Designers out of Africa. They did pack it in and I hope this subject is visited by many. The exhibit is there June 23 - October 22, 2023 Read More: The Brooklyn Museum presentation of Africa Fashion is organized by Ernestine White-Mifetu, Sills Foundation Curator of African Art, and Annissa Malvoisin, Bard Graduate Center / Brooklyn Museum Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts of Africa, with Catherine Futter, Director of Curatorial Affairs and Senior Curator of Decorative Arts, and Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture, and Rhea Stark, Curatorial Assistant, Arts of Africa, Asia, and the Islamic World, Brooklyn Museum.

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