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Macy's Holiday Windows 2020

For the past few years, Macy's has done interactive windows. On 34th street side, the windows had buttons, you would step on to make, Santa Fly, put toys in the bag, and have fun. This caught the eyes of young and old....grown ups especially had a good time being a kid again. On the Broadway side, the windows were message and brightly colored with lights. Music: See more of my Christmas Walks Here.

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Have A Happy

2019 has been filled with highs and lows, as every year.  I've gained, maybe too much weight, but that means I had an abundance of nourishment.  Learned somethings, must have made a few mistakes, there were lessons to learn.   Laughter there was a lot of that, never too much of that and crying too, sometimes it's good to let it out.  I am thankful for it all. Have the Merriest of what ever you celebrate and if you don't celebrate be HAPPY.

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Saks Fifth Ave 2018 Holiday Windows

Saks 5th Ave always has this "Disney like" light display set to music. The first few years they did this, the music that was used was Mannheim Steamroller, Carol of the Bells. This year it was 'No Business Like Show Business'. Even in the rain, the viewers gathered to look up at the building every 15 minutes, ending with thundering applause. This is Christmastime in NYC, nothing will dampen our spirits. The windows for Saks was fashion, dreaming, and show business. lovely jewel tones. Like most starlets, they love a bead, bauble and a rock that cuts glass.

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