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The last day for VEDA 30 the website says YOU MADE IT! Are you going to continue with video and/or how should #SSSVEDA friends follow along with you going forward?  Well I don't know if I would do it again, it was hard to sustain, the parts I liked was working at being consistent with making videos.  What I didn't like was almost the same thing.  Evelyn from the Internets (pretty big You Tuber) posted how it is hard to sustain this.  So I am not alone. That last day I was in a quandary of what to do and then I as I was running my errands I passed a singer Nadine Simmons, who belted out the most appropriate...

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VEDA asks What kind of music/sounds help you get work done?  Well, as I work I can watch TV so I do.  However there was a time I listened to a lot of Jazz, mostly the radio station Jazz 88 (WBGO  For my videos I make search for the right sound to go with the visuals.  I use Free Music (  This is a great source, but you have to read the fine print.  Some of the music is free to use as long as it isn't for commercial purposes.  There are a few other licensing to be aware of, but the data base is so large you will find something.  This is a free service to join....

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