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Skirt Stories: Men Are....

Charcoal Black Corduroy and Wool Skirt   Browsing in the bead store is always a euphoric experience.  Everything is shiny, sparkling, and creativity is unlimited.  The woman behind the counter is so accustomed to glassy eyed shoppers, she barely looked up. At the same time male co-worker was on the phone "Well, I think she likes me.  We were having a nice conversation and she seemed pretty nice and I got her number....yeah I think I'm going to see her again....." At that moment a voice over the intercom "HARVEY....YOUR WIFE IS #1"....."OK man I got to take this", and he left the room to take the call somewhere else. At that moment the saleslady looked up with a scowl...

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Also Available at Calabar Imports

Be sure to check out my collection of skirts available at Calabar Imports in Harlem.  This location includes chic and beautiful cultural accessories that will adorn your wardrobe through out the year. A line African Print with Mudcloth center Waist: 35" - 36" Length: 25" African Print and denim patchwork skirt with pockets, waist 30" - 31" length about 24" These Skirts and more available at Calabar Imports Harlem 2505 Frederick Douglas Blvd

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