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In 15 days I have made 15 videos.  The VEDA calendar asks What have you learned after 15 days of video making? HALF WAY!  Well I have learned that I can make 15 Videos and they can be creative and interesting.  I was able to explore some skills I never knew I had. This video was the full fashion show of my friend Douglas Says... Also see the show covered by Joe Clarke: Here is my view

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What do I love most about my job? It's creative and sometimes you meet interesting people. This video was my good friend who is a designer Douglas Says... The show was March 31st called Black Sheep.  Douglas's annual show this year is always so well attended and fill with color and drama.  I created a short video using a sketching program. You can find Douglas Says.... here    

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VEDA asks What kind of music/sounds help you get work done?  Well, as I work I can watch TV so I do.  However there was a time I listened to a lot of Jazz, mostly the radio station Jazz 88 (WBGO  For my videos I make search for the right sound to go with the visuals.  I use Free Music (  This is a great source, but you have to read the fine print.  Some of the music is free to use as long as it isn't for commercial purposes.  There are a few other licensing to be aware of, but the data base is so large you will find something.  This is a free service to join....

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