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April 22, VEDA asks What was the nicest thing someone's ever done for you?  The list is long.  It consists of a ride home when I needed a ride home, a hot cooked meal when I was hungry.  I can't narrow it down to one thing, because I am so grateful, for all the kindness coming my way.....yeah it's sappy, but it's true. I didn't make a video about that at all.  I decided to do a time lapse and then added in what I am watching on a Sunday night.  What do you watch Sunday Nights?

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VEDA day 20 asks What is your favorite Holiday? It's maybe Christmas, here in NYC, it has been a tradition for me to take the Christmas Walk to see the windows.  Which was something I did with my Mother.  It was a tradition that I continue even now. The 20th of April was a big day.  It was the premier of the Tribeca Film Festival Documentary Short film.  I am so grateful to my Mother who purchased a Kodak 8mm camera in 1962...all the stars came together. My Christmas Walk Video  

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